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Lavender at Horomi Pass.

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Lens Focal length:24mm

Exif:F10.0 SS:1/ 400 ISO:100

Hello everyone Good evening.

Thank you for always watching mamoru_photo.

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(Click to enlarge it.

Lens Focal length:24mm

Exif:F9.0 SS:1/ 400 ISO:100

Hello everyone.

It's getting colder in late October.

Even in Sapporo, the lowest temperature continues to be in the single digits.

It seems that it snowed at Nakayama Pass, and winter is approaching.

Already, I usually wear the stove in the morning and evening.

When it gets cold, colds and flu will prevail, but what about this year?

The number of people infected with corona is steadily decreasing.

Probably because of everyone's preventive awareness and vaccines.

I think colds and flu won't spread that much.

I am also an instructor at a vocational school, but few students are coughing or having a runny nose. It's amazing at this time of year

These days, all the students are taking a rest due to vaccines and side reactions.

Will the next wave come when winter is in production?

It's the 6th wave.

Let's take proper precautions and prepare for it.

(Click to enlarge it.

Lens Focal length:70mm

Exif:F10.0 SS:1/ 320 ISO:250

The photo is of the Horomi Pass lavender taken this summer.

It is a famous shooting spot where you can see the cityscape of Sapporo and lavender.

I visited and took a picture for the first time when I got the information that the lavender was in full bloom.

It was beautiful, I'm glad there weren't many people.

Speaking of lavender, Furano is good, but I think lavender like this is also good.

We are currently working on a 2022 calendar.

Last year I sold it on my homepage and my friend Rakuten Ichiba.

I am very grateful for the response more than I expected.

I hope many people will see my favorite scenery and pictures of wild birds this year as well.

We will inform you about the sales time on Facebook and our website.

Please look forward to.

Thank you for watching till the end.

I made a new postcard.

It is also sold here.

Please take a look if you are interested.

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