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Cape Shakotan in summer.

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Lens Focal length:99mm

Exif:F9.0 SS:1/400s ISO:100

Hello everyone Good evening.

Thank you for always watching mamoru_photo.

A place for my photos.




The photos posted on the blog are summarized.

We also sell postcards and calendars.

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Lens Focal length:70mm

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Hello everyone.

This is my blog post after a long time.

The Olympics are over, and the temperature in Sapporo has dropped, and it's almost autumn. It was hot this summer.

There were various opinions about the Olympics, but I'm glad that it ended safely.

I think Japan's success was also outstanding.

Currently, it is an extension of the state of emergency, and unnecessary and unurgent going out is prohibited.

Until the end of this month.

The vocational schools that I always give lectures on are closed tasks and online classes.

Basically, I have a lot of time, so I shoot in places where I don't meet many people. You took a lot of kingfishers this summer.

I went to rivers and swamps almost every day.

I will post the photos I took little by little, so please look forward to it.

By the way, the number of people infected with corona has been decreasing little by little in the last few days.

I don't know why it's decreasing.

I'm glad I didn't increase because of the Olympics.

I also received the vaccine the other day.

The struck arm hurt a little and I got a slight fever, but I didn't suffer from side reactions so much. Maybe this is the second time. When I listen to the story and see the SNS report, the second side reaction seems to be terrible. My second time is scheduled for October 1st.

What will happen? it's scary. Twice

What happened to your vaccine? ??

How was the side reaction? ??

(Click to enlarge it.

Lens Focal length:120mm

Exif:F9.0 SS:1/320s ISO:100

The photo is Cape Shakotan taken in the summer.

I started.

It was so windy that I couldn't go beyond the cape, but it was a nice view.

You may have heard the word Shakotan Blue.

The coastline is very beautiful blue, isn't it?

I want to revenge a little again.

I wanted to take a picture from here while I was organizing the pictures after shooting, and I wanted to take a picture from here as well. Twice

After all, that's all there is to shooting anywhere.

Thank you for watching till the end.

I made a new postcard.

It is also sold here.

Please take a look if you are interested.

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