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Biei in summer.

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Lens Focal length:118mm

Exif:F8.0 SS:1/ 500 ISO:100

Hello everyone Good evening.

Thank you for always watching mamoru_photo.

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Lens Focal length:200mm

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It's finally November.

It's been two months since this year.

I feel it in a blink of an eye.

Because there were various things this year as well.

I wonder if I'm old.

Thankfully, I'm so busy in October and November this year that I haven't been able to take pictures of autumn.

I had a car this year, so I wanted to go there, but I couldn't go to shoot.

Even so, I'm shooting a little autumn Hokkaido, so please wait a little longer.

I will post it on Instagram and Facebook as soon as it is ready.

The other day, a member of the House of Representatives was dissolved and there was an election.

Did you all go to vote?

I go every time without fail.

I also helped with elections a few years ago.

It seems that the turnout this time was 55.93%.

Although it was slightly higher than the previous election in 2017, it seems that the voter turnout was the third lowest after the war.

It means that about half of the people do not go to the election.

I recognize that elections must be done, so I don't understand the feelings of those who don't go.

If you have work on the day, you can vote before the deadline.

It is a quibble that people who vote do not improve the world, and if there is no one who wants to vote for a candidate, you should run for yourself.

There's no reason not to vote, and it's normal to look up candidates.

It may not change suddenly, but I think something will change if everyone votes.

I won't go into details, but I think that if younger people go to vote, more policies will come out for younger people.

I think voting is what we can do to improve ourselves.

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Lens Focal length:200mm

Exif:F8.0 SS:1/ 640 ISO:100

The photo shows Biei taken in the summer.

It was time to harvest the wheat.

The wheat is very beautiful, and the rolls after cutting are very cute.

The bottom photo is a buckwheat field and the back is a wheat field.

Biei is called patchwork because various crops are grown in a vast field and it looks like a patchwork cloth.

By the way, as is often asked, the straw rolls of wheat are called barley rolls.

Unlike grass rolls, this barley roll does not feed livestock.

Mainly wheat rolls are used for livestock sleeping straw.

In other words, it's a livestock bet.

It's fluffy and feels good.

Since my countryside is a dairy area, there are many pasture rolls.

It can be used as cattle food by sprinkling vinyl and fermenting it.

It's not just a cute landscape, it's really useful for something.

Even if you make a mistake, do not enter the field and climb the roll.

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Lens Focal length:148mm

Exif:F8.0 SS:1/ 320 ISO:100

Thank you for watching till the end.

I made a new postcard.

It is also sold here.

Please take a look if you are interested.

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