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A sense of distance. 

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Lens Focal length:400mm

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Hello everyone Good evening.

Thank you for always watching mamoru_photo.

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Lens Focal length:400mm

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Even so, it's hot.

Today (August 4th) is the 15th consecutive midsummer day in Sapporo.

It seems that Asahikawa has exceeded 30 degrees Celsius for three consecutive weeks.

It's hot in Hokkaido.

I don't have a cooler in my house, so I have two fans at full speed.

It rained suddenly today, but it was also light.

But at night, the cool breeze is blowing, so I think it's summer like Hokkaido.

The Olympics are also a great success.

I think Japanese players are doing their best.

You continue to win gold medals.

This Olympics is unattended.

The players are doing their best in the empty venue.

I also played baseball and basketball, so I understand that the cheering of the audience can help.

It's a shame to do it in Japan.

I myself am neither for nor against the Tokyo Olympics.

If anything, it is safe to hold.

I think it's fun to watch various sports on TV.

Well, I think it was good to have no audience.

The American Major League Baseball All-Stars I saw last time had a crowded spectators in the stadium, and most people didn't wear masks.

In Europe and the United States, where vaccination is progressing, I think we are taking the next step.

What will happen to Japan? ??

(You can see the enlarged image by clicking.

Lens Focal length:197mm

Exif:F5.6 SS:1/250s ISO:1600

The photo is a photo I posted on Instagram and Facebook a while ago.

It will be a high quality version.

Red fox and sika deer

It is an animal that I met by chance while looking for wild birds.

Somehow people are used to it.

In Eastern Hokkaido, where I grew up, foxes have a disease called Echinococcus, so I am taught from a young age that I should never approach them.

Moreover, it is taught that food should never be done.

Foxes are really familiar animals in all the tourist spots and Sapporo.

I also see many foxes being fed.

I am always enlightening that wild animals should not be fed.

The reason is that animals do not catch food by themselves and the ecosystem collapses.

And some human foods are not suitable for wild animals and reduce resistance.

From there, I get various illnesses.

Maybe there is a disease that is transmitted to humans.

Recently, bears have been appearing one after another in Sapporo city.

The parks I go to are closed everywhere.

I think there are various reasons.

I will not write in detail this time.

It's important to have a good sense of distance from wild animals.

(You can see the enlarged image by clicking.

Lens Focal length:208mm

Exif:F5.6 SS:1/250s ISO:2000

Thank you for watching till the end.

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